Thursday, June 29, 2006

Re-cap of May 21 2006 Meeting

Here's a re-cap of what we did May 21 2006.

We first did quite a few 5 minute poses with Sean as our model.
This was followed by a few 15-20 minute poses with Lizzie, Leah, and Holli.
We finished with an hour pose with Becky.

The artists that attended this meeting were:
Bea, Sam, Nina, Diane, Claire, and Sean doubled as a model and artist.

By request of the artists, I have not accredited any of the artwork posted to a particular artist.

I hope to see you all again at the next meeting. We might be welcoming Adam, Robert, and Josh to the next meeting. Let's all cross our fingers.


Becky - More to be added later

It seems that I am missing quite a few Becky pictures, but I am going to track them down and upload them sometime soon.

Leah and Holli


Sean- Group 6

Sean- Group 5

Sean - Group 4

Sean- Group 3

It seems we had even more light drawing artists. Next time, let's bring charcoal :D

Sean- Group 2

We had some light ones here.

Sean- Group 1

Finally, some posted drawings

I scanned the photocopies of the pictures, and now I can post them. I think that I am going to attempt to post them in groups by model. I missing a few pictures of Becky, but they'll be posted later, and not that many of you stuck around for the hour long drawing.

- Antonina

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Society Finally Gets a Page

Hello to all my live-drawing "Chesney Wold" people. I have finally gotten us a blog, and plan to post the scans, of the photocopies, of the pictures done at our last meeting: May 21st.

I've been e-mailing people about a possible next meeting, and hope that everyone who came last time, will once again entrance us with their presence. Also, we should be welcoming some new members.

Best Wishes to All,